What is Epoch Games?

Epoch Escapes are games that look to challenge and inspire everyone that plays.  Our rooms will immerse you into the game and give you sixty minutes to unravel the mysteries of the room and complete your quest.  Every object in the room will need to be pieced together in order for you to beat the clock.  Epoch Escapes delivers an exhilarating, yet brain-teasing experience.

Is it scary?

Our rooms may look a little creepy and goofy, but they are never scary.  No one is going to jump out at you and scream.  Our rooms look to make your heart beat with excitement and not fear.

What is the age requirement?

We recommend no younger than 12, but they can play as long as they are part of a group with several adults.

Do we need reservation?

Yes. Please visit our booking page to reserve your game.

Will we be playing with people outside of our party?

There is a chance you could play with people from outside your group if you do not book the entire room.  The chance to play with new people is a fun way to network and get to know new people

When should we arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game time.

What is the cost?

$25 per person

How long is the game?

60 minutes.

How physical are your games?

Very little activity is required.  You may have to bend down or reach high, push and pull doors, and lift 5-10 pounds.